Year Round Rental Information

Twin Rivers has three properties spread around our Council for your use and enjoyment for any occasion.  This tool is designed to help you reserve our facilities for your unit, or group from the comfort of your home (or desk). 

Facility Rental Search Tool - Find a facility to rent in the Twin Rivers Council!

Would you like a quick reference to all of our prices?  Here you go...
    Camping Facility Price Sheets

Unit roster for off season camping Camp Roster .pdf

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Rotary and Wakpominee use the Campmaster Program in the Off Season. The Campmaster at Rotary is located at the Camp Office and at Wakpominee it is the Camp Master Cabin. You must register with the Camp Master upon arrival at Camp.

Visiting for the Day

IMPORTANT!  Many units like to visit our camps for day hikes, the simple program, or campfires.  They do not wish to use any pavilions, cabins, or other facilities.  We are working for an option for units to sign up online to do this.  Until we do so, it is important to know that you MUST call the Ranger PRIOR to showing up.  You must have permission and they must know you are coming.  

Information you should know before renting...

  • You MUST sign in with the Camp Ranger/Campmaster upon arrival at camp.  No exceptions.
  • Reservations are not accepted without full payment
  • If your outing is cancelled for any reason, call the Albany Service Center immediately.  Refunds are subject to the Council Refund Policy. 
  • You must submit a Unit Roster showing the names of ALL participants (both youth and adult) to the Ranger/Campmaster upon arrival.
  • All damage done to Council property will be billed to the unit/group.
  • LEADERSHIP:  Leadership must follow BSA policy found in the Guide To Safe Scouting.
  • LEADERSHIP FOR CO-ED GROUPS:  Co-ed overnight activities require male and female adult leaders, both of whom must be at least 21 years of age.  There must be sleeping facilities or areas for male and female participants in conjunction with BSA policy.
  • Personal vehicles must be parked in the parking lots only or in a approved area designated by the Ranger/Campmaster
  • Do not plan to drive or ride your gear into the campsites or cabins.  
  • No trenching around tents is permitted.
  • Trash Service is available at Rotary, and Wakpominee.
  • Trash is carry in/carry out at Bedford. 
  • If you are a Unit or Group that is interested in renting one of our facilities for an event or program that would take place during the week, or you are a group interested in renting out the entire property, please contact Julie VanAmburgh at the Albany Service Center. You can still use the features above to preview the properties and check pricing.

For information on the Council Refund Policy, please click here.