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What is "MyCouncil" - And Why Should I Sign Up?

 MyCouncil® is the communications tool used by the Twin Rivers Council and the Fort Orange District to help keep their members, families, and community partners informed of the programs and events sponsored by and for Scouting in the communities of Albany County.


What Can You Do With MyCouncil®?

Find and "friend" your unit on our website - receive information posted by the unit instantly.  Did you know your unit can make their own website through MyCouncil®? It's easy, fast, and FREE!  Keep your members (and community) informed of the good work Scouts do.

Subscribe to our E-Newsletter to catch the latest information about district activities, trainings, and events, other council programs, and other fun and informative tidbits to make your life easier as a unit leader or parent.

Register for events quickly and painlessly by using your MyCouncil® profile to fill in the registration forms for you.  Registrations for district and council events, trainings, and activities are posted on their respective dates on the Council and District Calendar.  Just confirm your saved profile information, enter your payment information, and you're registered!  No more mailing forms in and hoping they get to the council service center in time!

The MyCouncil® system also allows the council to spend less money on postage and mailings, allowing us to focus more on great programs, summer camps, and support programs that help to enrich the Scouting program in our communities.

This Sounds Great! How Do I Start?

First, you'll need to "join" as a new member of the Twin Rivers Council MyCouncil® system.  Check the top right corner of this window.  You should see a link to either join or sign in to the system.  Click Join, and follow the prompts on the screen.  Some information is optional, and can be added later if you're not sure of it.

Second, make sure that you're signed in with the same username and password every time you register for events on the Twin Rivers Council Website. You will know you're signed in when your name appears next to the links in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (where the Join link used to be).  Sign In is replaced with Sign Out, if you ever want to disconnect.

NOTE: To adjust your preferences after your account has been created, just use the MyCouncil® link in the top right when signed in.

I Still Have Questions...

Here's some answers to some commonly-asked questions about MyCouncil®:

  • All adult leaders, regardless of their position should Join and create their MyCouncil® account.  Once created, it will follow them throughout the council using the email address provided during signup.
  • Youth members over the age of 13 may also create an account.  Due to COPPA and BSA Youth Protection regulations, those under 13 years of age cannot create accounts.  Any account created on behalf of or by someone under 13 years of age will be removed and all personal information will be deleted.
  • You will not receive any spam by signing up for the district or council newsletters.  Our lists are confidential and protected under strict BSA privacy guidelines.
  • MyCouncil® and MyScouting are two separate websites - MyCouncil® is administered by the Twin Rivers Council to facilitate electronic communication between its members, whereas MyScouting is the online training center and membership dashboard provided by the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America.  For more information, click hereExternal Link.
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