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How much does all of this cost and is there fundraising?

Scouting does charge fees for membership, events and trips. Council and unit fundraising will help with those costs, and will give a Scout the chance to earn the money he needs to participate in summer camp or other programs. 

Below is a list of basic needs to get a young person started in each Scouting program, to give you a rough idea of what’s expected. Before you buy anything, however, make sure you talk to the unit’s leader. He or she will be able to tell you about any specific uniform or equipment rules for the pack, troop or crew.

  • Required: $60 registration fee every year.  Note: some individual Scout units charge a unit fee
  • Strongly encouraged: Uniform, handbook, Boys’ Life subscription, 
  • Optional:  camping equipment (most Cub camping does not require a special equipment purchase; talk with your son’s Cubmaster before buying anything)

What about fundraising and other assistance?

Each year the Council provides fundraising opportunities for our membership so that they can raise money for activities in their pack and for summer camp.  

Also when it comes to summer camp, the Council provides financial assistance called "camperships" for families that can certify a need.  

Many packs provide their own fundraising opportunities and have assistance for their own members.  Please talk to your Cubmaster and see what resources are available.  

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