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Charter Renewal Process To Have New Timeline

Over the last six to nine months the council leadership and the commissioner staff have been having discussions on the charter renewal timeline as our continuing efforts to improve services to our units but also to make all the administrative tasks that go along with running a unit easier on them. 

As I mentioned, we have been discussing the timeline and if the first quarter processing of renewals is the best for us. In our review, we found several problems with that time frame. 

· The first of which is it caused difficulty on our membership committees and other administrative and programming teams because it delayed the full details of how many units and youth we have in the council until early spring. This causes issues with planning recruitment efforts and the creation of monthly goals for the year.

· Much of our reporting and other administrative tasks required, and provided by National is done on a calendar year. With us being offset of that, we were never really looking at a true comparison to other councils similar to us. 

· Many of our units put themselves into the habit of holding on to applications until the charter renewals in the first quarter. This meant hundreds of applications not submitted in the fourth quarter causing issues with accurate recording and putting some at risk by having no insurance. 

There are other reasons that this timeline was a problem, but these are three biggest concerns. 

With that, and after much discussion, the Council has approved a plan to move the charter process in the fourth quarter so that all charters will expire the end of the December. Additionally, to help units adjust to the new time during a busy season, we are going to be expanding the duration when charters can be completed. The charter renewal process will open on October 1st and will remain open through the month of December. This will give units three full months to complete this process. 

Charter renewal information will be posted on our website starting in late August and unit committee chairs will receive instructions around the same time, similar to the past. 

In the meantime, I encourage you to have discussion as a unit to make the necessary adjustments and plans. Please work with your District Executives and with your Commissioner team with any concerns or questions you may have. 

We will do whatever we can to make this change seamless for your unit. 


Yours in Scouting,


Drew Chesney
Council Commissioner

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