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"OKPIK" Winter Camping Training for Adults

From time immemorial, man has needed to test himself against "the elements". In the early days it was out of necessity, but oftentimes modern man too has the need to face Mother Nature in all her wrath just to prove that it can be done. Some climb Everest; some venture into the Adirondack High Peaks in wintertime; some pitch tents in the snow at Camp Boyhaven. Whatever the level of challenge, a weekend of OKPIK winter camping and survival training is a must!

"OKPIK" originated in the wilds of Minnesota and the idea spread country-wide. A couple New Yawkas brought back the training plan, modified it a bit and have been offering the weekend-long course at Camp Boyhaven for more than two decades. A dozen winter-camping experts compose the core OKPIK and GAWASA training teams and their reputations have established the Twin Rivers Council Training Courses as the best around. Troop leaders and Scouts travel from far and wide to learn wintertime camping and survival skills from our Yetis of the Great Northeast.

When is the next training session?
Clicking on course name will take you to registration, if open

What will I learn?

Selection of clothing and equipment, dressing in layers ("onionization"), tenting at ten below, cooking skills, orienteering in a "white out", building emergency shelters, cold weather first aid, snow-shoeing and more.  In a nutshell, how to "stay warm, dry, and well fed" …and alive. 

It's a Cake-Walk!

Read Ted Brown's classic "Thirty Below is a Piece of Cake" or "What We Learned at the 1979 'Deep Freeze' at Camp Boyhaven".  Click here for the great piece!

Read More!

Read Joanne E. McFadden's Daily Gazette article "It's Not Just Cool, it's COLD" (January 13, 2008).  Click here!
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